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Lion Air Participated In ICAO Audit

Jan 8, 2018, 13:27 PM by Lion Corporate
Jakarta, November 24. 2017 - The Directorate General of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia stated that Indonesia is ranked 55th of 191 countries based on the results of an audit conducted by the International Civil Aviation Organization or ICAO in 2017. The audit of ICAO USOAP (Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program) is a prestigious international audit carried out by ICAO in its oversight of its member countries covering aviation safety factors.

This audit covers a number of aspects such as legislation, organization, licensing, operation, airworthiness, accident investigation, air navigation license, and aerodime.
On 10 to 18 October 2017 the ICAO auditor conducted an audit in Indonesia followed by Lion Air along with other regulators and operators in synergy and excellent cooperation has successfully demonstrated to the world of aviation safety by achieving 81.15%. With an achievement value of 81.15% in the audit of the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program (USOAP), the safety of aviation in Indonesia is compliant, even exceeding the ICAO standard of 64.71%.

With this result, when compared to countries in Asean, Indonesia is ranked 2nd below Singapore. Meanwhile, among Asia-Pacific countries, Indonesia ranked 55th which previously ranked 151 out of 191 participating countries in the previous year.

Lion Air Group President Director Edward Sirait said Lion Air is a private Indonesian airline designated as an object of ICAO audit, and is one of the airlines representing many airlines in Indonesia.

"The result shows that Lion Air Group which houses Lion Air, Batik Air, and Wings Air has demonstrated compliance regarding legality, organization, and operation of the flight as it has been established. As such, improvements and efforts to safeguard aviation safety have been carried out accordingly. We are grateful to have played a role in improving the national aviation rating that its assessment is done by ICAO, "said Edwar Sirait.

"Lion Air Group will continue to strive to keep pace with information and technology developments in relation to improvements in the quality and quality of aviation safety and security," Edward concluded.

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