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Lion Air Group Make Inbound Gateway Solo For Foreign Tourists

Jan 20, 2017, 16:39 PM by Lion Corporate

Solo, October 9, 2016 – In order to develop services from Central Java especially Solo to several cities in the country and abroad, the Lion Air Group makes Adi Soemarmo International Airport as one of the airports collector (Hub) in flight connectivity.

There are 6 domestic flights to be opened from Solo among others and from Denpasar, Banjarmasin, Lombok, Palangkaraya, Makassar, Pontianak and maketh the airport as an airport hub, Lion Air Group will certainly do some additional services such as, the addition of new routes from and to the city of Solo, increase the frequency of flights per day, as well as additional RON (Rest One Night) fleet at the international airport Adi Soemarmo from 2 units of the fleet into 6 units of the fleet is ready to serve the flights in the morning.

"We continue to develop the routes to be flown, both domestically and internationally to support the needs of the archipelago in traveling and to encourage and open up access for foreign tourists to visit and vacation in Indonesia to enjoy the natural beauty and culture, and diversity of the unique things that certainly will attract foreign tourists," said Edward Sirait, President Director of Lion Air Group.

"With the opening of the access of Kuala Lumpur to the city of Solo, automated network of international flights from Solo to various destinations such as India, China and Australia will open and the enactment Airport Adisumarmo as Hub Lion Air Group is expected to help the growing number of tourist foreign and domestic tourists who came to the city of Solo," Edward closed.


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